How did you realize that you are no longer a junior dev?

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    The pm wrote a message that said im getting a promotion
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    That's a great question! I'd love to know it myself.
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    When I got promoted :-P
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    My company doesmt woek with those titles. We are all devs, titles dont mran a lot.
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    When I realised to be a junior developer you have to at least be semi competent :^)
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    @Ceramics can you elaborate?
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    @rising just a joke that I wouldn't even classify myself as a junior developer haha
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    "Ah Billy. It happened so fast, it was over in an instant... I woke up one morning, and the beard was here. I knew instantly that I was no longer a Junior, no, I had become a Senior Dev."
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    Started second guessing the ideas of the lead developer and doing things faster, better and greater than said lead developer. Also by getting a lead android developer pwned on his phone/video interview.

    Then currently my manager stating that I am her overall softwate engineering expert. For a large organization that is. Shit like that means a lot really. It think the degree helps also. I am the only one in my dptmnt with a comp sci b.s degree
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    Hey @rising - for me it's when I stopped trying to solve every problem with one language.

    Now I just listen to the problem at hand & often the choice of language/tool will come from the business constraints.
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