Seriously where can I complain? delays on every single train i was on since weeks. and always because of some stupid shit like "we need to let another train pass by". wtf you didnt know that earlier?

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    Deutsche Bahn is catastrophic 🤦🏼‍♀️
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    it depends, if its significantly longer you can get an refund, if not you can only send a mail directly to the company itself.
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    @simulate — Having visited Germany once, I know it's an issue if whatever form of transportation doesn't arrive/leave within 3min of the scheduled time.

    Is the Deutsche Bahn worse than this?
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    they count late arrivals in their statistics if they longer than 8 minutes and they inform you if the train needs longer only if its longer than 5 minutes.
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    1. Be slightly annoyed with Deutsche Bahn
    2. Visit Japan and see how it's done better
    3. Be more annoyed with Deutsche Bahn
    4. A Buy a car
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    The best was when I was walking towards the train station as I see my train leaving earlier than it should. I turned around and just went home to sleep again. My classmate told me the the train actually came back to the station 3mins later...
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    Delays in trains in Germany? 😒
    It's the end of the world as we know it 🎶
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    yes a car would solve the problem of shoving money into incompetent peoples asses but I actually hate cars because of how inefficient, loud, smoggy and obstructing they are. Trains are simply a longer term solution to transportation. I am really disappointed in our government that they cant enforce something this important. It is highly important for so many people and the economy in general and it sucks. And they have just been discussing about privatizing the highways, which means you will basically need a ticket to use them 😲😂😭
    Edit: though that might actually reduce the use of cars.. which would be good
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    Killing them is uncreative.
    Get an ICE to run over them.
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    had an internship in their it department. (they were migrating some old databases based on cobol to mssql+java) their it department took half a year! just to get another intern a PC! and another quarter of a year to get him localadmin so he could install java + mssql + vagrant.
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    Don't expect anti-car laws in car-country #1.

    Well, okay. Laws against old cheap cars for "ecological reasons" is possible because it would result in increasing sales of new cars and would primarily hurt less wealthy people.

    Also subsidizes for electric cars are possible, as they increase sales on new electric cars and spending tax money to make it cheaper to buy shit that is so expensive that only wealthy people can buy it anyway, seems also pretty realistic to me.

    I seem frustrated, good night.
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    I would trade Amtrak for Deutsche Bahn in a heartbeat. It’s not uncommon for trains to run a hour or more behind schedule in my region.
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    Lol, come to Cape Town and I'll show you train incompetence. I've been sitting in a train that hasn't moved from a station in 15 minutes because of infrastructure damages that were done a whole month ago already.
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    DB bought Arriva a few years back and now the buses in our town are always late or just simply never show up.... so... yeah... that management seems to have really long reach
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