Oh no. CIS Professor pronounces it 'Lie-nux.'

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    Well to be fair, that is probably more correct, since Linus pronounced his own name that way...
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    No, Linus pronounces his name with the first syllable to rhyme with, "win."

    There's a recording of him pronouncing his name and Linux included with the kernel.
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    Poe-tay-toe vs poe-tot-toe.
    Toe-may-toe vs toe-mah-toe
    Gif vs Jif (Hitler says jif, just fyi)
    Coo-pon vs Cue-pon
    The list goes on lol

    My CS professor says jigabit. (He does have a really really strong Asian accent, but it's really no big deal lol.)
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    Except the pronunciation of Linux is not a matter of preference or tendency. The correct pronunciation is explicitly stated by its author.
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    @bahua huh, I could do have sworn I'd heard it the other way. Oh well, never mind, just means I've been saying it the right way all along! :D
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    @jhh2450 I’m saying “jigabit” in my next meeting!
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    @BrainDrain It made me do a double take. I was like "What did this man just say?" Then I chuckled inside and shrugged it off.

    We have a lot of professors here with strong Asian accents, so I'm pretty used to it.
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    @jhh2450 1.21 jigawatts!?
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    Just start saying “lee-nux”. Solves all problems. Because then you’re always wrong to whoever hears it.
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