Srsly, who the fuck using internet explorer or edge in 2018??? I wanna drink a coffee with them while talking about mental disorders.

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    I use IE when no other browser works for some sites, and Edge when I want to look at something that blocks adblockers on my other browsers.

    Though half the time Edge doesn't work..
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    People who are on Windows, oh wait no it’s on mobile too!!!

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    @d3vnu11 compared to ie... ;)
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    The problem is that you cannot do

    "Go fuck yourself, l'm not working hard for you that uses a browser that is worse than reading the html"
    on your website

    People that uses those kind of browsers don't realise the pain it causes
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    Anyone using a government or institutional computer, most likely. As well as anyone over the age of 45 who doesn’t know any better and just “click the internet button”.
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