You must admit, if we were in a batman movie, Elon Musk would have to be a super villain right?

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    I'm waiting for Superman to come along and punch him in his stupid Lex-Luthor-y face.
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    But why? The only man on this planet who improved the struggling space project in a decent way and does what the united nations should do instead of masturbating to flat earth thesises and instead of these companies with planned life cycle of products. He is a fucking IRL Tony Stark pursuing a dream for the grater good of humanity.
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    no, dfoxinator would safe you all from bugs!
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    Hahahah... I thought I was the only one thinking this.
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    @dcode because people like jumping on hate trains.
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    How is spacefaring the greater good of humanity? It seems like a frivolity to me.
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    @AleCx04 ha why so serious?
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    In this case his goal is to populate mars. To achieve this the guy started a few other companies along spacex like solar city and tesla (he was the ceo of paypal too but that story not exactly ended well for him).

    These scientific companies are developing technologies for self sustainable colonies. Solar city researched and developed solar panels and components, tesla do the same with electric cars (and electric components like batteries).

    By space travel humanity gains abilities.
    For example don't you think the ability of harvesting infinite energy what can replace the good ole oil based fuels and all smoking power plants can be in intrest of our kind?
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    @dcode i totally agree. There are many things to do in space!
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    @bitsnpieces not a hate train, just a theory! I likr what he does but some one pointed that out to me and it got me thinking.

    And its true, he has all the qualities of a super villain. But he may be a tony stark as well. But theb he sells weapons too so he could be a super villain!
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    Why so? I thought he is the closeset actual human to Wayne/Stark characters. 🤔
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    But in a Marvel film, he'd probably be Tony Stark
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