Any recomendations of CSS framework? I'm currently looking at Bulma (for some reason Vue tutorials are using it a lot), but lacks a little bit in documentation.

What I'm looking:
- Minimal size
- Responsive
- Flexbox based
- Not material (please)
- Without annoying dependencies (OPTIONAL)
- Good or some documentation

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    Wing? Its made by a devranter.
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    @BindView will give it a look ;-)

    Another thing I forgot to mention is that I'm aiming to use the chosen framework on production sites.
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    Well i usually use w3css but i wont recommend it because its shit lol
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    Why not Bootstrap 4?
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    Finally found it, heres what I had in my bookmarks for a while: http://getskeleton.com
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    Bootstrap 4 is great too though, especially with all it can give, the only downside is its 12 columns based, so if you need custom columns, just roll your own flexbox stylesheet, you can take the media queries straight from skeleton, as its very similar to the now newly introduced mobile first stylesheet that bootstrap 4 has.

    Bootstrap also allows you to create a version of it with only the things you need.
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