Had a job interview back where I want to move(2300 miles away), doing exactly what I wanted. Unfortunately it was for a senior developer, a bit over my pay grade.

First Interview: "It is above your skill level, but I like you. We will make it fit you."

Second Interview(technical): " You did super well! I will make sure to pass the good news onto the boss! I am excited to work with you soon!"

Response to my thank you email: "We decided to not persue you further for this position. We are going with someone who has more experience."

Why string me along?!?!

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    Always persue multiple opportunities & never depend on or wait for a position even if it's your dream job.

    You can always quit a job right away & join the better position. It might sound selfish but much better than being on the bench. That makes you nervous eventually & makes you take a low pay/worse job to pay bills.
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    @-psr yeah, I am still looking everywhere, it is just a punch to the ego and my dreams of escaping my current nightmarish job. Oh well šŸ˜‹
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    It showed clear misalignment in interviewer and recruiter, keep looking, you will get your next dream job.
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    Had the same thing. Interview went really well and I got on with the people. Apparently it was nothing to do with me but I made them realise, apparently, that they were recruiting for the wrong role.
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