Watching an informative Python related speech on YouTube...and

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    @irene he's speaking to Microsoft employees maybe that's why.
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    I read that wrong...

    "The first man to wear a python to a suit conference."

    In my head the man was actually in a full on python mascot costume.
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    @iSwimInTheC this would actually be less surprising.
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    Is this the guy who talks about advanced Python features and how work effectively between the library makers and front end makers
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    He was a spy from sales team.!!! Covert operation. 😂😂
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    Haha. I even got porn result when search a tutorial for one of python library
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    @irene my life goal has changed. I need to get good at C++, get into the Python team, then go present at PyCon with a python around my neck.

    P.S.: I love that my phone auto-corrects python to Python 😀
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    @no0bdeveloper came here to say that
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    @irene that's like wearing a suit to a suit conference... And that would just be weird...
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