Will people who know nothing about IT stop pretending they know better than you

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    Never in this lifetime
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    The Dunning-Kruger effect will never perish.
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    The movie??
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    The problem lies in the fact that they *think* they do know.

    No one tells an electrician or a plumber how to do their job, because people understand they don’t know better.

    No one tells a building architect where to put walls or where not to put windows, for the same reason.

    But EVERYONE uses the internet. EVERYONE uses email, smart phones, apps, smart watches etc.

    So they all think they know how shit works.
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    @SSDD exactly!
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    Isn't the same for every subject?
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    Even better when some half baked tech guy thinks he knows what he’s on about
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    @SSDD The really fascinating thing is the disconnect between the recognition that IT staff are necessary, but then the thought that they know better anyways.

    This has been a constant source of confusion for me. Why hire IT staff if you feel you know better? On a fundamental intuitive level they know they need professionals to make their infrastructure work, but then when it comes to an issue that has a technical cause but a visible end use consequence, (Exchange server cable is bumped, firewall ACL is misconfigured, ISP DNS server goes down etc.) everyone is an expert.
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