You think HTML isn't a programming language? Tell that to the guy wrote js to check if a hidden div contained the word True inside its tag before it fired.

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    I checked if a text file contains a certain value so text is also a programming language ? I’ll call it utf-8 - - ...
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    What does a guy writing JavaScript have to do with HTML?
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    Who’s that man? Give me a name and I will tell him that HTML isn’t a programming language!
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    No sorry, your logic is off.
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    This really annoys me for several reasons. General tone and aims aside, here are three reasons:

    1) Html has no conditionals. It cannot be a programming language.

    2) JavaScript is not html; they are extremely different things, and are completely separate.

    3) Your entire argument is a logical fallacy.
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    You say HTML is a programming language?

    Just prove me your algorithm to convert any "HTML-progam" into an "x-program" and vice versa with x being another programming language as C, java, python or a classic while-programm or a turingmachine...
    Then and only then i believe you x'D
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    The only way I could see an XML kind of document be a programming language was if some lower language used the input as commands (kinda like python)
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    How do you create variables in HTML? Or perform a loop? Or anything like that?
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    @ArcaneEye are you doing this using the native tools??
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    @Root HTML actually had conditionals. Or better said IE did it's own thing again, back in the days. Not that this makes it a programming language.^^

    (Of course, i know.. 2012.. but still.^^)
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    @Enbaku wtf, why should this be hard?^^
    while(dafuq) { statements } equals to <while conditional="dafuq"> statements </while> and shit like that.

    Isn't there even this weird XLST shiteroo which tries so hard to be something like a programming language for datasets in MARKUP?

    But i share the wtf-attitude of this thread. Don't call a markup an algorithm.^^
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    @ArcaneEye not really... It's just my friend was praising it that it was very good and easy to use.
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