Fuck npm and the whole npm community!
Seriously, what a piece of completely uncontrolled cat litter!

First experience was getting malware from an npm package which I ranted about a while ago. That it can even happen is beyond my imagination.

Second experience was today when our app broke because a fucker who wrote a library doesn't understand semantic versioning.
If you're gonna publish an npm library, please do the whole fucking world a favour and learn how to version your shit correctly, so my app doesn't break! If you do BREAKING CHANGES don't change the fucking last version number you filthy piece of garbage!

Phew, that felt good 😧

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    @AlexDeLarge Point taken!
    And thanks!
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    Reading rants like this while taking a dump is one of life's most enjoyable experiences
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    @1989 if it was up to me, I would write all our front-end in Elm. Unfortunately, not everything is my decision to make.
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