Ok let's get our hate and love out for the 3 main OS types, tell us why you hate or love each of them.

Windows: I hate its lack of customisation, colours and wallpapers only go so far, and how fucking bloated it is and how little you can do about it.

Linux: it's open, free, and pretty much a sandbox for changes and is lightweight, plus if you don't like something about it, remove it, whats not to love!

MacOS: I love it because it just works and could also run on a potato (yeah I said it, fight me) and it's just a very good looking is with fluid animations and simplicity.

Now, don't be hating on people's opinions here so keep it civil :-P

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    you mean glados. and. macos. thats a plot twist. who steve jobs then?
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    @romangraef *dun dun dun*
    Steve Jobs was wheatley and Tim Cook is a corrupt core :-O
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    I love a lot of things about all 3 and hate a few things about each. Use them all every day.
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    I use all three every day, and they do what they are designed to very well. It's like tools, you have to pick the right one for the job.

    Although they've started to blur the lines a bit... MacOs is becoming more unstable than ever, Linux is getting better at media and games, Microsoft is actually going forward considering what trash windows 8 was. In 10 years the great war might start, and the prophecy might come true...
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    Linux: open source (in an age where backdoors can be built into systems with a single warrant, i find it irresponsible to use closed source operating systems), customizable to the extent that YOU want, you are God when using it - or can be.

    Windows: closed source and made by Microsoft so integrated in the biggest mass surveillance program ever created - I'd rather burn my balls of than using that utter piece of shit.

    MacOS/OSX: see the windows answer.
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    I agree about Windows and (GNU/)Linux, but:
    MacOS has a weird UI and is not very dev-friendly
    Also filesystem names are very user-ish (capital letters, too simple and I don't take to it).
    Linux had AFAIK >300 diff variants each with its own customizability and setup. Using Gentoo at the moment and loving it.
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    @anArchLinuxer I was forced to use MacOS coming from a Linux workstation (at my job). It also suffers from very bad multi monitor compatability, you never know on which screen an app will start and things keep running in the background where you have to quit them with Command+Q manually. Plus "exit" doesn't exit the terminal :P
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    Linux is awesome. I just wish it could run games and MS Office like windows can 😢. Then I could finally make the switch for good

    Edit: I need ms office because some of my clients use it so that's the platform I develop for.
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    @Froot theres always wine?
    It's pretty matured when it comes to running office and the compatible game list it's growing
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    Windows: I know how it works, I can control it, it's fine.

    Linux: I know how it works, I can control it, it's fine.

    Mac OS X: I know how it works, I can control it, it's fine

    How did you like my review?
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    @Froot Libre office?

    And games are becoming more compatible - Steam and probably other services are making a big push here
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    @pstez84 nah. we only how mac + linux work. no leaked source for windows till now
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    @pstez84 I'm not a big fan of libre but in any case it wouldn't work because they use MS Office and if I developed on libre I'd create a lot of pain for myself and them 😄
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