I wonder, does one have to know English to code?
And does devrant auto translate other languages to English? Seems everyone here knows English wherever they're from.

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    You have to be able to at least read and understand the basics. if you want to be relevant most of the information is written in English
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    It's very useful to know the language in general. DevRant does not auto translate stuff :)
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    I wonder if there are programming languages in a language that’s not in English. Won’t google search. Please tell me if there is.
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    1) at least understand well to read the docs
    2) yes they must know english if they want to comunicate with foreign clients
    3) if someone doesn't understand english they probably couldn't find/make sense of devran

    4) typos mf typos maaan //referring to myself & probably tons of other shit if not proof reading first
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    @linuxxx hey actually it would be hella cool, wouldn't it? I mean a forum that automatically translates all the stuff to the client's language. It's like the Babel Fish from the Hitchhiker's Guide
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    We are divided by programming languages but United by communication language, English!
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    As a German I wouldn't really need English because in most cases there are German documentations or good sources for help (tutorial, forums etc.).
    But it is very helpful because you can use all the English information, too. And besides programming, English has some good use cases: I would really miss Devrant!
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    Also.. Not only devs everybody should know English.. The basic are easy AF.

    And no i am not a native English speaker
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    @Benedikt don't recall seeing any docs in German or other non English for packages on NPM(most of them)?
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    There are a lot of German speaking people on here, so in a few rants the comments are in German, but mostly we stick to English, so every one can join a conversation.

    If you want to learn English watch series in English with subtitles (either in your native tong or even in English), that could help to improve your english
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    @vlad Where are no docs there is help via tutorials or in forums. The German programming community is really big and it is relatively simple to find help in German if needed.
    (That doesn't mean this would be the easiest way.)
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    @Benedikt yeah I mean I can't imagine myself translating a custom library docs I wrote & decided to push - which people found useful. Though as such library etc would be small enough I guess you'd be stuck with few users and English only support 😬
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    @IllSlapU im doing it again btw
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    Realistically speaking, yeah. But it would be cool, wouldn't it?
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    @irene oh, sorry, I thought I mentioned you here. My bad
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