So I landed this interview with a company that provided military simulations, to work as an android intern (mobile). And man was I intent on getting it, I could only dream of my first job being as a dev, for a company that developed cool software. 😯

I show up, pull out my laptop, go over some of my projects (crap at the time, since I was 16, but ChessAI ftw) and also show them an android app I developed.

Then, I pulled out my calculator and showed them a clock I'd made on it. That's probably when I lost them... ☹️

They asked me a couple questions about software development, like if I knew what agile was, or if I unit tested my code (didn't even know they existed at the time ☹️ ) , etc.

I had done research on the company and asked them questions about specific software and so on, also asked about what working there would look like, etc.

They never called.

I called.

They never answered.


Ended up washing dishes. Honestly, fuck my life.

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    Don't lose hope, you are not lost till you accept defeat, keep going to interviews.
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    The first few sentences sounded like it could be Bohemia Interactive Studios (BIS)

    But then the agile and unittest questions.

    Naaa, can't be BIS, they wouldn't ask that!
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    A previous interview keeps pinning me on TDD and unit test I had enough and told them it’s useless(think I used the word bulls*t) and wasting man hours, then went on explained my (bullshiting)theory on testing. They were surprisingly convinced and gave me an offer. I didn’t go..
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    @RageBone Looks like I found the Arma player. :D
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    @Vip3rDev hmm?
    Wasn't really a player ...

    Was one of those * Altis Life scripers for way to many years.
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