I was drunk yesterday, watching Mr. Robot.

Woke up with Kali linux booted from a usb and a hacked WiFi password for my annoying vegan neighbor.

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    Don't you worry , it's already bad :Dd haha do you r member something ?
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    Haha, don't give me any ideas
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    I wanna drink now
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    @chadd17 I'm drinking now, anyone in Groningen is free to join :o free drinks at my clients bar :D
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    Got inspired? ;)
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    @freshlyfe partially. I remember myself searching for disk-on-keys in the "tech" drawers like a racoon.. Then watching an Indian guy's tutorial. Then nothing!
    @nin0x03 seems like it :)
    @lumi for the neighbor's WiFi of course.
    Btw the router's credentials are admin/admin so yeah.. The SSID is now 'I hate life'.
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    Wow, drunken master!! So it's real, i see a movie like that.
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    *tips fedora*
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    Maybe we drank to much ^^
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    @lumi oh wow, that's just unbearable. He already put an effort to change the credentials, yet he changed them to something guessable.
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    Hello Friend
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    *LOL* I hardly ever get drunk (simply because it takes a LOT of alcohol to get me there), but once I do get drunk, it's an interesting state. I feel like James Bond, but probably look like Barney Gumble.
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    @TerriToniAX same. Not only I'm physically big, but it seems like I'm also very resistant to alcohol naturally.
    So it takes me at least 1.5L of 10% beer to start feeling stupid.
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    @sick No, it's not offensive.

    Regarding the neighbor - he is annoying by being an aggressive vegan, who vandalizes other's property, yells 24*7 and puts pictures of severed cow heads in front of a local cafeteria, which doesn't even serve meat products.
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    @Noob Your neighbour sounds like a compilation error disguised as a human.
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    @TerriToniAX it's a recent trend among people whose lives are too uneventful.
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    @MisterArie where is that?? I have to book the flight
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    What did you drink? Only time I blacked out like that drunk a bottle of whiskey, did a strip to a friend (girl) who came visit and woke up in the bathroom in my underwear...
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    @RodrigoF if I recall correctly there were beer, rum, gin and whiskey involved.
    But to be fair I didn't black out. I was just very drunk and fell asleep after initiating the bruteforce.
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    @RodrigoF Geez! *lol* Some whiskeys are so smokey I get smoke poisoning from drinking it ;)
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    @RodrigoF the Nederlands
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    Well I was only 15... And drunk a very old bottle of a very expensive whiskey...
    Didn't touch alcohol for two years after ... And still can't drink whiskey
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    @RodrigoF Last time I was really really wasted, I mean like embarassingly wasted so that I've done and said stuff I've regretted the day after, was more than ten years ago, on a friend's 30th birthday. That was some party! And well, I don't regret *everything* I did that night... *lol* Must add to that, that this was before I met my gf and became a responsible father :) (In case my son is reading this, this is not me, it's...er...someone else's dad who incidentally is also a dev and uses the same nickname as dad. Your dad would never get wasted and do anything that I'd...I mean he'd regret or not regret ;))
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    Drink + pickup = kid
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    I feel young(28), binge drinking like that is pretty normal around here.

    Then again Groningen has 57.000 students. Bound to go a little wild. With that much students.

    Groningen has only 200.000 residents. :) So not that much responsible adults to stop them. And we used to have bars open 24/7.
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    @MisterArie We even have a word for binge drinking in Swedish, "supa". In Scandinavia it's like the more East and the more North you go, the more people drink. Here in Åland Islands we probably consume more than in Sweden (also much owing to tax-free alcohol being available to us on the cruise ships operating our harbours), but we (fortunately) don't even get close to our neighbours Finns when it comes to drinking, where it seems commonplace to drink any day of the week, any time of the day. Not to mention Russians who are probably the Masters of the Universe in binge drinking.
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    @TerriToniAX yeah russians, didnt they had beer as soft drink until a few years ago


    2011, russians declare beer als alcoholic xD
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    Started Mr Robot out of boredom. It was surprisingly good.
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    I bet you also do C17H19NO3
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    @Mayhem93 Morphine?
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    Great I could inspire you my friend
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    @Noob Indian guy's tutorial... Wait I think I remember watching something like that 🤔
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