😂😂😂 - Is it just me or are developers primarily cat people? (I have 3).

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    I find cats and keyboard don't mix well.

    Also cats and wiring are also troublesome..

    A friend of mine has a perspex cover over their keyboard to prevent cat key presses.

    But obviously, it doesn't work when they are sitting and a straw paw decides its great fun to delete your work for you..
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    I have a debug puppy, he's very good at looking confused at my explanation, kinda like my boss 🐶

    PS: my boss is awesome, and usually gets it after a little thinking, not sure my puppy does
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    I'm reminded of:


    A new study has found that people with Intermittent Explosive Disorder (IED) - characterised by explosive bouts of rage - are twice as likely to have been infected by a parasite found in cat faeces.

    I used to find you'd get a period of IED just after you put your hand in some slightly soft warm poo behind the sofa when you are sorting out the wiring mess you kept meaning to get around to..
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    Are we talking about humans again. :-)
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    Many humans are cute and lazy, but not all of them.

    Does that mean the ones that aren't cute, are not lazy.. ?
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