Fuck you Adobe.

It doesn’t get said enough.

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    It doesn't get said often because their products are usually good
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    @milkybarkid I’ve been using their CMS for few years. They sell its flashy UI to business teams whereas it’s utterly complex underlying engine is a nightmare for developers and for operations.
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    @milkybarkid products are good but not available on Linux.
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    @abhishekb Okay, that's just one product though, try finding a visual FX artist who doesn't use After Effects, or a graphic designer who doesn't use illustrator. I'm all for open source, but the alternatives are just no comparison
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    @milkybarkid I'm perfectly happy with using Inkscape when I do graphic design (I've used Illustrator before, too).
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    @c3ypt1c you should go check out the wine 3 info, lots of Adobe apps are really stable now
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    Universities encourage pirating Adobe software on personal machines because they know it's the standard, they need to teach it, no one will buy it, and most students want to work from the comfort of their own space. No one wants to edit video in the campus suites in their pants whilst watching porn. Source: I went to uni twice
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    Love Adobe products and I'm happy to give them my money.
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    fuck you adobe
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