> *WordPress website gets down Error 500: Cannot establish Connection with database*

> Marketing loses their shit: "We need the website up and working right now"

> *Me being calm *: "Nope, we cannot it's the service provider error, there's nothing we can do"

> *MK.G*: "Alright then, switch to another ISP ASAP"

> *Me, Internal rage, a volcano erupts *: "Umm..so you want to spend more money on another hosting because this one has an outage of 48 hours?"

>*MK.G *: "Yes, because we cannot run Facebook ads, just because website is down"

>*Internal lmao*: "Alright, but by the time you purchase a new service provider and host, the website will be up and running plus since the database is down we cannot migrate"

>*MK.G*: "I don't care, just make it up and working"

>*Me chilling*: "Alright, give me few hours"

> after a few hours the website is working *me being badass even though I didn't do anything*

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    And now they believe that you can do shit, you just need enough pressure and MOTIVATION [threatening, demotion, salary decrease, OT, etc..].

    Well done
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    @netikras yup, figured that out the moment they were drowning in joy
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    So no backups?
    What's up when the Hoster decides to wipe your database of earth's surface? (And yes I already had a customer who's Hoster deleted data of active customers on accident)
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    @Kimmax lol I thought Hoster was the name of some company because you capitalized it.

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    @electrineer yeah my keyboard tends to capitalize random stuff if I don't switch to English heh
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    Wordpress, ugh
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    @Kimmax I don't care about the Hoster, I have weekly backups on and I'd me more than happy if Hoster wiped down the entire data
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    @nothappy so why not spin up a db instance somewhere else? 48 hrs seems to be more than enough, if the site should just be up again
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    Time to renegotiate salary. :shrug:
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    @Kimmax I couldn't do anything about db service, I don't have the rights to restart it or contact the service provider
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    I would view this as an opportunity to pressure them for a raise.

    And when something similar happens next time, I'd be like "Maybe you just didn't give me a big enough raise."

    Gotta be absolutely shameless these days.
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    @Wisecrack possible :) but also a tremendous risk.
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    Yes, very unethical, so I don't recommend it.

    I'm just writing what I'd be tempted to do.

    But not a lot of people view things as I do, with duplicity as punishment for others stupidity.

    I'm not even a communist, and I know business people will fuck their workers as fast as they can, same way unions try and fuck their parent companies.

    At the end of the day life is a fight of all against all.
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