I think it will be very odd to ask a girl to wait so that I can read the code on her skirt, with no wrong intentions.

I guess she won't understand how attractive source codes are.

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    Whoever made this is killing me.

    Where's the indefinite article before the word perfect? There should be an "a"
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    @Michelle And there you go, a writer will be a writer forever.

    I was actually reading the source codes and didn't even notice the ARTICLE

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    I read prototype there
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    @Alice It's a compressed coded skirt. Slim fit size.
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    @Alice easy its still prototype
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    Writing is in my blood. I've soaked up the ink from the pen and pages inside my veins. ;)

    I didn't read the source code. The skirt's creases were too annoying. It should've been flat haha.
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    Function with capital F ... Has to be a beta
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    @karma yup. prototypes are like static methods of Java in JS.
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    @Michelle it would have been great if whoever she is could have just changed her dress and give away that skirt so that a good code readable pic was taken. 😂😂
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    [object Set]
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    2 cents
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    They could have missed the article when they didn't even have time to complete the last word, EXIST.
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    They didn't finish that word on purpose, except they did it wrong.

    It should be:

    Doesn't ex—

    When a word is interrupted, you use an em dash which is the longer dash. You don't use ellipsis.

    Also, you interrupt at a syllable, not the end of the word. So that part was also wrong.
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    and then there's me, wondering where I can buy this...
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    I hate skirts. I want a sweatshirt version of this! Well, with whitespaces of course.
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    @Michelle Thanks for the info.
    Why would they need to interrupt it when there is enough space to write the whole word ?
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