Let me start by sharing a bit of history about myself.

When i finished my secondary school i did not go immediately to high school. I took a year because i needed to improve some grades to enter high school more easily.
In that year i started to learn programming languages (Java).

So when i went to high school i already had a good foundation of programming logic and could make some simple games that my friends were amazed (Like Pong and tetris).
In my first year in high school, in my hometown, a photo frame builder's shop asked me if i could make a desktop program to help him calculating prices and such.

I did it in like 4 months. This was not my biggest projet so far but was the most satisfying at the end. He paid me really good money for it and i was very proud of myself.

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    That's cool! What did you get yourself with the money?
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    @Mitiko I spent on things for high School. I had to pay rent and books
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