I just tried to download Photoshop CC. On Linux. Just to give it a try in Wine 3.0 and see if it works.

Adobe rejected my humble request with "Your operating system is not supported."


I switched my user-agent to Windows and voila, it tried to give me a dmg installer.

A. Fucking. Mac. Installer.


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    Photoshop with wine can be a real pain in the ass... I've no idea why Adobe doesn't want their products on Linux... It would solve so many of our world's problems, lol
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    You can install Windows 10 like the rest of the civilized world and stop wasting your time.

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    @intromatt I agree with that - use whatever OS you think works best.

    What if I do bash scripting by day for a living, and hardcore photography hobbyist by evenings and weekends?
    Having 2 operating systems is frustrating.

    What if you want to set up a graphical workstation for someone, and relying on Windows means dealing with antivirus shit that you have no idea about because you're on Linux most of the time?

    I get that Linux is a very fragmented world and it's a pain in the ass to have something that's both efficient, and well compatible with all hardware and all distributions out there, but for fucks sake there is AppImage right now that makes it easy. At this point not having a Linux version is just something done out of spite, and against people's freedom of choice of operating system and other software they work with.
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    If you do bash scripting run a VM or better yet use the Windows 10 Ubuntu subsystem which is pure magic. @AndSoWeCode
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    @intromatt VMs don't give you access to your hardware. Linux subsystem is even slower than a VM, and you have to deal with inferior terminal emulators, unless you install X server on Windows and launch something like Gnome Terminal, but that thing is still slow, buggy as hell, ... and you don't have direct access to the hardware.

    Plus, what if I love Gnome more than Windows 10 UI?
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    Linux people always have a retort. Almost always an absurd one but they always have something. Buy a refurb Thinkpad for $150 and install Mint or Ubuntu on it....voila...you are done.

    If you don't have the space for it on your desk...there is always SSH or VNC (that's what I do..VNC to my Linux machine over WiFi is pretty much as quick as native). Gnome is awful!! ARGHHHHHHHHH it's worse than MacOS...and nothing is worse than Apple's UIs. @AndSoWeCode
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    Op: "[...] just to give it a try in Wine and see if it works."

    > Use Windows10 like a civilized person
    > these posts are infuriating
    > Bash linux
    > Win10 is magic
    > Linux people always have a retort, almost always an absurd one

    Yeah, those elitist Linux people.
    Forcing their linux down everyone's throat.
    So absurd, so rude.
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    Agreed!! What a silly place this is. @Root
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    @dontPanic I found a nice PlayOnLinux script which installs it smoothly with just a few clicks. Including all its dependencies. It was almost too smooth, nearly boring in the end 🤣

    It uses 2.17 though, so I'll try it with 3.0 tomorrow.

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    @intromatt dude chill. Everybody has their preference and their choice. Just like I respect your choice of Windows UI, you must respect someone else's choice for Gnome.
    Because gnome is excellent for productivity - when you have more applications open than can fit in the Windows task bar.
    And it's not stupidly implemented like on a Mac, where there's no real full screen, screen snapping, good multi-monitor workflow, etc.

    So whatever your gripe with Linux is - it's a personal subjective one.

    The point is that Linux exists, there are lots of users on it, and Adobe are assholes for not providing support.
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    @AndSoWeCode thank you for pointing that out ;)
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