I am sorry.

I don't know if I am doing the right or the wrong thing.

I never shared devRant with people I know because of three things.

1. I don't want to infect this community with cancerous people.

2. I only have a few friends.

3. People I know have no interest in programming (still in college).

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    Remember the rules of devRant
    1. You do not talk about devRant
    2. You DO NOT talk about devRant
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    @DevilInside That's interesting, my ADD kicks every time I'm NOT talking about computers or programming.
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    You're not alone, most of my friends are the typical anti-computer/programming kind
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    Well, my English Teacher asked us to present some things we like (in engineering school, we still do that, yup).

    So I did present devRant.

    And I'm sure that nobody did ever suscribed to the site since then, but I still presented it anyway. Don't feel bad for that.
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    Shared it with only guy, but I know him well and he's interested I programming too.
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    @PrivateGER I don't have anyone I can do that with.

    I wish I had a friend that could be my programming partner in learning new things. But, I don't have anyone who is reliable and interested :(
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    @rockford5281 What languages are you interested in?
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    I am just starting out, so am exploring. I am not sure which ones to pick, so learning basics of all different ones.

    I have interest in frontend (html,css,js), also I plan to learn backend


    Right now I am learning C++ in my university
    I was introduced to Java and C# too.
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    @DevilInside, I was taught these in university, so it was just basic stuff, so I am not sure, but as of what I learnt,

    Java seemed to be easier (maybe it was because of the professor)

    But, C# seems to be more capable overall.

    I just started learning C++ from this week, so I don't know anything about C++.

    It seems weird to that they first taught C# and then C++.
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    @irene , thanks! I was experiencing a dilemma but, not adding members seemed to be better than adding bad people.
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    For me, I tend to refrain from sharing the wonders of devRant with colleagues as in all likeliness, it is them I am going to be ranting about. This is why the only people I have mentioned it to are ex colleagues haha
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    Even if you suggest devRant, how often do people follow up on that, really?
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    this is exactly me.
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    @sslPoodle Sure, why not. :)
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    @sslPoodle no. You can send the here or at satwik[at]tuta.io
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    Please don't be sorry.
    DevRant is our collective secret.
    I also honestly don't wanna tell anybody about it.
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