C looks absolutely barbaric after Java

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    After Rust as well. Feels unnecessarily cumbersome.
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    I dunno. I have a fair amount of experience in both C++ and Rust, and I still like C. It's just so...simple. Pure.
    But then, I do a lot of stuff with embedded controllers and low level OS hackery, so yeah, I'm biased.
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    An elegant weapon for a more civilized era.

    Seriously though, I have no strong opinion one way or the other, I just wanted to get that quote in.
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    @irene why tho? Readability of Java is much better, IMHO
    And __int64 or __int64_t drives me crazy in C... I understand, why and for what, it's just after java I can barely read all these pointers, memory related things, etc. ...
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    They are both great, different problems requires different tools. :)
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    @Trablarer Can't argue with that :)
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    Pointers look barbaric after Java..

    Again, I am not into that much into lower os level work that requires actual manual memory manipulation, so my opinions might be biased ..
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    Well don't compare them. Use them where they're meant to be used.
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    Hey, it's just a rant, no serious comparison here. Indeed they have different usages.
    I need to maintain and refactor a large project which is written in C and I haven't touched C for ~ a year now.
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