!!inspiration to rant

To all people who feel lonely at smoochentinesday: 😘
Get your most EPIC, FUCKED UP or IMPRESSIVE dev-related story out and rant it on here!

The comments will help you to get over it, you poor, lonely, grievy flower. 😉

Happy valentines-slay!

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    Sorry can't, busy with my GF :D

    *cries in corner*
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    V-Day is just another stupid commercial day - like Xmas or any other festivities

    If you're with a gf, v-days happen when both are committed to having one :D
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    I see many people around me hyped up with this valentine bullshit and I don't really understand why. They all look crazy to me.
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    @Phlisg that's my kind of thinking.
    Why the fuck is x-mass special ?
    It isn't its just normal day that people gave stupid special meaning.
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    Xmas is diff for me as it is one of few days my whole family gathers.. but commercial part is crap :/
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    @Haxk20 Nothing special about X-Mass - presents, glitter, stars, trees and all that, fuck'em, I prefer spending nice time with family than on this plastic bullshit

    And we're the middle of February, I already see easter chocolate rabbits in stores

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    @Phlisg it can be commercial if you want to be a consumer sheep

    maybe just maybe you can choose not to be a superficial consumer and choose to just take this opportunity to appreciate the beautiful things in life.
    Valentines day we celebrate love.
    There's no need for that to involve wasting a shitload of money.
    A candle light and burnt dinner is perfect enough.

    So yeah "they" might've started this as a consumerism ploy
    but we don't have to take it that way.
    Let's enjoy it it.
    Not hate on it.

    PS. I'm as single as a pringle but still enjoying today as singles day woohoo.

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    @brasorexia well, I do appreciate the human dimension of these events :) I smiled seeing some people waving roses at each other today. It's all this aggressive advertisement and opportunism companies do in order to steal your money and give shit back to you

    but still funny how these "celebrations" are much more popular than say, work day!
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    @Phlisg there's a work day??? :D
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    @brasorexia so it would seem!
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