I have a new car that drives itself to a certain degree.

However if you take your hands off of the steering wheel, after 15 seconds it starts shouting at you to put your hands back on the steering wheel.

SO imagine you’re the developer.

You can recognise when someone’s hands aren’t on the wheel.

Why might that be the case? The driver is sleeping, dead or otherwise incapacitated.

Appropriate response?

1) slow the car down to a stop?
2) just turn off self steering so the car veers into oncoming traffic.

Yes you guessed correctly - it’s option 2!

For the love of fuck. Surely the better option would be to keep the thing steering but slow it to a stop.


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    Mine keeps steering but vibrates and makes noises and flashes red hands on a steering wheel symbol.

    Still, cool as fuck tho. 😎
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    @Wabby nope. Mine just shuts off after about 20 seconds and lets you die.
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    Just got a new Kia and it is fine
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    @Linux Hyundai Tucson
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    Korean car, good choice
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    @Linux yeah I agree. You get a lot of bang for your buck with Korean cars.
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    Hahaha that's perfect humanity at it's best.
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    Put fake hands on the steering wheel. /s
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    Let's rephrase your two options

    1) the car company continues controlling your car, assuming responsibility for your unresponsive ass
    2) the car company releases all control and responsibility to you, who shouldn't be unresponsive in a 1 ton hunk of metal traveling 60 mph

    Unless you are james bond, or you are sleeping, there is no case where you are going to lose consciousness for 15 seconds and people around you aren't suffering from the same toxic gas, tornado, or dinosaurs ripping you out of your car and eating you.
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    Wedge a orange or some fruit in the steering wheel. It shouldn't take much weight to trick them car into thinking your hands are on the wheel.
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    > Why might that be the case?

    Faulty sensor on the steering wheel..

    The driver controller for the sensor just BSOD..

    Cosmic ray flipping a bit..
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    @gorsamp thanks for helping me illustrate what developeritus is.

    Firstly you haven’t read or were unable to understand what I wrote.

    You said my point one was equal to

    “The car company keeps controlling your car, assuming responsibility for your unresponsive ass”

    Congratulations on totally fucking that one up. What I said was to slow the car down to a stop. Which is absolutely nothing at all similar to “the car company keeps controlling your car, assuming responsibility your your unresponsive ass”

    Your second point alluded to the fact that you shouldn’t be unresponsive in the first place.

    No shit Sherlock but guess what, lots of things that shouldn’t happen still actually do happen.

    Tell that to the families of all the people in my home city who’s sons, daughters, husbands, wifes and other family were ploughed to death when someone had a seizure while driving and the vehicle just veered off into pedestrians.
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    @SSDD so the car slowing itself down is not the car controlling itself?
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    @Xaldos this falls under the case of shit that starts affecting other people. It is not under your control, it can't be foreseen by the car or other drivers, but if the car comes to a halt in 65 mph traffic it's likely to cause as much damage to others as swerving about. The point is the auto manufacturer reasonably relinquishes responsibility.
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    @Xaldos there all these compromises to be made, and that's because currently the tech is a compromise between traditional and truly automated driving. When the compromise is made, it will always err on the side of making, or not losing, money for the manufacturer.
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    Congrats on new car =) and about slowing down the car you’re totally correct that should’ve been the default.
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