In code, we Trust...

We work in dark to serve the light...

We are developers...

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    SyntaxErrorFound: at line 2, The interpreter just failed to do semantic analysis @jschmold
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    @jschmold same, i got a tv as a monitor and id have to dig out the remote to turn down the brightness so i usually turn on a lamp instead
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    Assassin's Creed 👩‍🚀
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    You got it!!!!! @BishoDroid
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    @ashwiniviolet Of course...my favorite Ubisoft game 🤓
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    I don't trust in code I only believe in things I can see working.
    Until now....I only believe in bugs...
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    We are sword in darkness. We are the watchers on the wall. We will take no wife and father no son. From this day to end of my day.
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    Safety and peace brothers <}
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    TL: what, what is this piece of shit PR?

    Me: hey as long as it works, *in ezio's voice "nothing is true, everything is permitted"
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    Restarta sin server (said to sound like requiecate de patche)
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    I love these quotes
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    We work in the dark themed IDEs to serve the light themed apps
    Thats better
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    Requiescat in Patches
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    I don't care who I'm serving, just toss some pizza down the dark hole I'm working in and I'll toss code back up. 🍕🐱‍💻🙌 #DeveloperLife
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    In dark we serve the light?
    Waaaait a sec. What happened to dark themes?
    👾Darkness Forever👾
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