What do you do on days when you are just lost ? When you just don't find any motivation to code ?

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    Go for a walk maybe ?
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    If I'm not at work, I go for a long walk, like a two hours walk (normal walk so that I don't get tired)

    If I'm at work, well... I keep on working but my speed decreases by 10x :\
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    that's what i am doing right now pal@Nanos
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    Music production time!
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    Play guitar, skate, go for a run, hang out with friends, surf on the internet(ie. Reddit, devrant)/watch youtube
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    @jAsE what would you do if you had no motivation to destroy either?
    Source: am there
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    @jAsE actually that’s brilliant
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    Lay down and have an existential crisis. Pretty much.
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    You misspelled 'anything'.
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    I try something new.
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    When i have that feeling I shutdown everything, especially the head. Then :

    Go for a walk
    Play an instrument
    Watch a movie
    Read a book

    Do something manual like gardening, maintenance to motorcycle, repair something in the house, rearrange furniture or cables or workstation, or just clean them.

    Doing something manual is the most effective for me.

    Aand imho i think is usefull to recognise the start of this feeling to avoid full burnout.
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    @jAsE so that’s why you deleted your account again?
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    Stare at a wall
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