Why the fuck do some people need to talk so much while working?
Let me code in peace, damnit. 😒

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    I bought those headphones that block noise (not completely but does help) have them off all the time just to avoid hearing people talking ...
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    Just kill them all plz
    God will bless u:D
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    People are afraid of silence.

    I love music, but my coworkers truly panic when there's no radio or spotify on.

    I don't hate conversations, but coworkers seem to shiver whenever a pause falls.

    People everywhere force me to drown myself in sound. Either theirs, or my own.

    Personally I can just sit in a dim room, listen to the soft rattling of my keyboard and my own slow breathing.

    I can even just stare at a screen and enjoy the faint high pitched tones and soft buzzing of blood in my ears, the kind which only shows up when the silence is absolute.

    A stew of ideating, simmering, ruminating, festering, cerebrating, recombining, cogitating, thoughts. Nice thoughts, disturbing thoughts, endlessly filtering and remolding into the new and unexpected.

    I feel like many people lack the reflection kills, selfknowledge and control over their deeper contemplative process to such an alarming degree that the silence terrifies them, too fearful of hearing their own thoughts.
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    Preach! 🙏 So very, very true.
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    While I'm working in our lab, headphones sadly aren't practical because some of the measurements/things I do require me to have some acoustic feedback. D:

    @hube I was also suspecting that. 😎 Though one was - at least - pretending to be soldering while audibly losing many words per minute.

    @CriticalFailure I very much agree on the last point. 🤘

    @AlexDeLarge Haha, no. :D Don't be too hard on that guy though.

    @bittersweet What @Lahsen2016 and @AlexDeLarge already said, damn, that could be it.
    To be able to bear enduring silence seems to be a dangerous trait to some because one might get lost in the unknown, the unheard of - or maybe it's just the lack of being unable to hear another's thoughts for they can't understand what they can't hear?
    However, my coworkers sitting in the office where I do most coding are luckily rather quiet guys.

    @Lahsen2016 Fascinating. :)
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    @bittersweet Can you send me a personal autograph?
    Just so I will be the owner of the first autograph if you'll turn into a really famous and great author!
    I'd love to hear more of your literary creations.

    @nin0x03 You could tell them, they should shut the fuck up, because all your lives depend on you being able to hear acoustic feedback from the killer robots you are working on.
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    @PonySlaystation Haha I've been signing shit with "null" since I was a kid 😉
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    Bwahaha. :D Now I imagine a killer robot, softly whispering: "... exterminate!" (To cause no further panic.)
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    One of the harder things for me, as I'm super ADD, used to distractions, and tend to multitask in order to focus. i.e. I'm the guy that ends up bothering people without realizing it.

    Like I'm pretty sure one of my coworkers has started to tune me out because they're not actually sure when I'm asking questions, and just assume I'm making noise.
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    "I'm not a duck" 🤣
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    My best favourite:
    Coding with self curated playlist with best headphones, and a nice cup of cofee..
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    That tag is great
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