How to stay 1 step ahead instead of always try (and fail) to just catch up?

I feel like the amount of tools/FWs/languages/DBs that a web dev is expected to know now adays is not realistic, and overwhelming. not only you need to constantly learn about new things that are currently the *hottest hype word*, you also need to keep track of updates to the tools you already "know", so the more you try to know the more there is to keep track of, and also how can you remember everything you learned if in a typical workplace you usually use the same 1/2 languages?

Never have i ever felt like i know enough to be confident in my abilities when around other programmers

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    Many of the new tools or frameworks are targetted towards people not being able to do it in another way, so for example javascripts only devs all of the sudden can do desktop programs and mobile apps and entire frontend etc.

    So its safe to say, you can ignore roughly 95% of anything listed in the "LANGUAGES AND FRAMEWORKS YOU NEED TO LEARN IN 2018" and get on much more stable routines inside companies, since most that demand those new frameworks, fail in the first year of existence/switch, especially recently with all those startups and companies trying to jump on the train, that got demo'ed to them by some teenager, screeching and screaming words like "HOT" "NEW" "FAST".

    If theres something actually interesting that you would like to add to your portfolio, then just do projects that you would have maybe done with some other language or frameworkset with the one you want to learn, thats how I sometimes peek into golang.
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