My coworker said she'd rather commit seppuku than use Edge.

My first thought was "commit it to what?"

I forgot commit had another meaning ...

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    Damn, this is so relatable.
    I avoid using commit in my discussions cuz it confuses the hell out of me hahaha
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    C'mon Edge isn't that fucking bad.
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    I bet he never used edge (or more than 5 minutes), he stuck in 90s ie stereotypes, and feel cool blaming it
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    Actually, every time I tried Edge it's been slow as molasses, while Firefox, Chrome and I think even IE11 are noticeably faster
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    Yeah it ok...
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    I think she would have committed seppuku by now if she worked at my job where you can only set IE as your default browser and all other browsers are blocked from installation with admin rights.
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    Edge is only good for opening pdf docs and for the final tests on the work(website) before presenting the work to the client.
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    And that's it.
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    Lol, same thing while reading your rant
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