I'm the sole developer at work.

Literally the entire company, save myself, is sales people. (We have one remote mobile contractor as well, but he only does mobile; I'm responsible for everything else.)

I inherited a gigantic pile of nightmare from the previous "senior-level intern" solitary dev/CTO, and I'm still trying to figure out the bulk of it, meaning everything takes longer.

Anyway, we have a meeting roughly once a week, and during each of these -- and several times throughout each week -- the salespeople say things like "We should address this" or "This should be our top focus" or "We really need ___ so I can sell more merchants" or "___ doesn't work right; we should fix it." All of these "we"'s and "our"'s, of course, mean me.

So, today, I decided I'd make a list of everything I have to do, and their general size. Assuming large projects will take one month, medium projects will take one week, and small projects will take one day... I have four months, two weeks, and four days of work ahead of me. (yet I know one of those large projects will take at least two months...)

Make it stop ;;

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    I feel your heart ache, being a solo dev for a large sales team is the most intense workload I have ever had to keep up with, it doesn’t end or when you think you’re getting on top of it all, someone goes and drops a bomb in the middle of everything and fucks everything 😤
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    Honestly this sounds amazing.

    Think about it, no meetings with clients, nobody tries to force you to do stuff their way, no unnecessary documentation and logging, no arguing with qa.
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    @BindView it’s a living hell 😂

    No one to peer program with,
    no one to bounce ideas off,
    no one to tell you not to make this huge ass mistake you’re about to do and regret next week.
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    @C0D4 okay but im perfect and never make mistakes so
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    @BindView couple this with a salesman boss who never listens, lives in panic-mode, and acts like an angry rhino.

    It's hell.
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    I would start looking for a new job.
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    @olback I got angry enough during our last meeting that I started looking at job postings instead of following and participating 😅

    They skipped all of my input anyway, so they obv didn't care about my perspective.
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    At my company the lead coder left because the pressure you describe was too much. The salespeople said "we don't get it, why did he leave, why did he bottle up all that frustration?"

    Salespeople enjoy a good argument, especially if you are not attacking them but focus on the quality of the product. And it's OK to tell them they are annoying, they're salespeople, they don't give a shit if someone thinks they're annoying.
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    It's so nice to know I'm not the only one who goes through this. (:
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    Lost me at senior intern..what's a senior intern?
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    haha yeah. it's how i describe the previous dev.

    He had very little experience coding before starting on this project (less than 2 years), and doesn't know any language outside of Ruby+Rails. After five years working on this project, his knowledge of Rails is very very good -- better than mine. But he's been rushing every feature out the door, and building haphazardly as the requirements change and expand, meaning he hasn't had really any time to learn to code well.

    So, he's senior-level in Rails, but intern-level (really, junior-level) in general. His code has bad practices throughout, shoddy (and inconsistent) naming conventions, broken/commented-out code committed (which breaks other parts of the application), an unmaintained test suite, very unusual and non-performant solutions to problems, etc.

    It's just. really strange.
    hence my equally-strange description of him.
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    @Root relax.. watch this and be happy..
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    @Root you designed that right ?
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    @notroot Thanks for blowing up my phone again haha
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    @Root 😂😂😂😂😂
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