Going to have my first ever dev job interview next week! Nervous AF right now.

Any tip's? 😬

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    Be honest and confident. Rest are your skills and the interviewer's mood.
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    Be honest. If you don't know something say. Don't blag it
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    @Linux why did you reply with just a dot ( . )

    I don’t get it but have seen it around here a lot recently.
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    @SSDD his comment is a hidden file obviously XD
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    I dont remember posting that
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    Good luck kola!
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    Thanks everyone!
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    @SSDD I'll guess people wanna subscribe with this to get notified kinda fast subscribe if you don't wanna check the menu and hit subscribe
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    I'd say
    * Sleep a lot the night before. Make sure you're well rested.
    * Don't be an arrogant prick. Then again, being too nervous won't help you either. In that regard, think about all the other roles in software development: team leaders, testers, ... but someone needs to do the actual coding, right? Also, don't look at it as an exam but as both parties looking if there's a match. And whatever the outcome, see it as experience that'll help you in the future.
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