So the guy who sits next to me in my class uses white theme for his IDE.

Me: So, you use white theme.
Him: Yea, I like it. So much better than darker ones. Don't know why people like it. Does it bothers you too?
Me: Pfft, no!
Me inside:

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    Once I've seen an entire dev team using it.
    I, as an intern, was the only one in the company with a dark theme in Visual Studio...
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    And the theme you use on an IDE affects your coding ability ... 🙄
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    @JS96 i thought there was no light theme in vs
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    I had to make a program for arduino, it was all white. My eyes had regrets.
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    I personally prefer dark themes, but if someone wants to use a light theme then that is perfectly okay.

    It's good they aren't pressured by others to join the crowd and use a dark theme.

    I don't like it when people shame others because of some thing as simple as a theme.

    Tabs vs space

    Light theme vs dark theme

    Android vs iOS

    Windows vs Linux vs Mac

    Does it matter? Preferences vary from person to person, so it shouldn't affect anyone's ability to program.
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    @Michelle @MikeyAlder I totally agree with you. It doesn't affects anyone's programming ability. But I don't like white them and the guy next to me uses white theme on max(almost) brightness. It gets really distracting. 😅
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    @JS96 Don't want my whole class to do it, I'll get a migraine
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