Much-security.nl is down.

No, no hack or whatsoever. I just reinstalled the wrong server through my control panel.

The new blog version will hopefully be up tonight. 'you keep promising that' - I don't have a backup of the old version and I only just started using git so I can only upload the new version (or git pull). Next to that, except for the front-end, everything works now.


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    It was literally like:
    *hits reinstall button and waits a few minutes*
    Ssh much-security.nl
    'the ECDSA host key for much-security.nl has changed'

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    I read gitpull
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    Here I am, sir!
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    @IllSlapU 😅 I do have backups now but only of the new version 😷
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    Is there a need to be worried, I never expected this from you :|
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    @gitpush Me neither 😅 just a stupid mistake 😩
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    @linuxxx still better than locking your self out of your server *cough* like me *cough* :3
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    @PrivateGER Had to leave in 15 minutes but managed to get that working 😅
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    Wait, do you keep your articles in version control? Asking because it seemed that way from your post.

    Now that I think of it, it's not a bad idea...
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    Also, I'd probablly use something else than .nl since the site seems to be aimed at an international audience and .nl is pretty specific to Netherlands.
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    @Froot For a static blog, I also think that totally makes sense.
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    @Froot much-security-such-privacy.info will also work :)
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    @Froot Yeah I just commit/push/pull and then call a script which imports it into the database.
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    "only just started using git"

    *shrieks in agony*
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    @theCalcaholic haha my thought too 😄
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    @linuxxx .info would be great I think. Definitely look into it.

    Also, you could consider making a script that creates static html files with your articles and then just serve them with nginx. That way you'd have less stress on the database and version control would be easier. It's an odd strategy I know, and it seems like a step back, but Ive heard some news sites and such use it to manage load.
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    @Froot Shouldn't nginx be configurable to do just that without the help of an additional script?
    Nginx does caching very well...
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    @theCalcaholic I meant create a script that turns text into html 😄.
    Nginx is great at serving static files yea
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    @Froot I know what you meant. ^^

    I would be very surprised if nginx could not be configured to cache a non-static location as well.

    EDIT: It's not even difficult. Here is a description of the caching options: https://nginx.com/blog/...
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    @theCalcaholic Hmmm, interesting.
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    @Froot I mentioned above that there's already an info domain....? :)
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