I would (at apprenticeship level) start to teach more software architecture and security related stuff.

Yes knowing how to iterate over an array is important but it’s getting lame...

And last but not least it’s fucking 2018 why am I writing a Java 6 swing GUI on paper as a test

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    I hate programming exams on paper so much. And then you get a point reduction because of syntax errors that shouldn't even matter on the specific subject.

    I agree on the security subject. Software security is so broad. You have no idea what security holes even exist and any less how to prevent or fix them.
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    @Python same. But that's still low compared to Nasi Schneidermann diagrams and what was the other one called... ah "Struktogramm". I Fucking hate them.
    I mean it could ofc help you on planning your code. But dude. There's no need to do all of that Fucking shit on Fucking paper and writing the source code also onto the same Fucking page of the paper.
    Just let us do that on our laptops. For fucks sake
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    @gitpull have you ever painted a „Speicherdiagramm“ Memory-Diagramm?
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    @needToRoll nope.
    Had to look it up haha.
    I'm still not well informed what that really is made for.
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    @gitpull for my teacher.
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    You guys are still using Java 6?
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