So I now bought an iphone 6 again for development and tried just for fun to make it a daily driver and it feels really limited, especially because apparently theres no jailbreak yet for 11.2.5. (I feel near everything could be solved as soon as cydia etc. get fully released to the alibaba jailbreak)

I didnt even remember, that it doesnt have any option to have haptic feedback when typing, such a basic feature has to be jailbroken..? I thought I remembered that it had it, last time I had one - did they remove such a basic feature?

Also the fingerprint reader is really weird compared to other phones from the same year, first getting it to actually fill all fingerprint lines without saying "try again" or it trolling you and vibrating as if it recognized your finger, but actually didnt (really frustrating when its the last 2 lines...) - is a real challenge, might be that I have some mutant fingerprints, but when I asked my s/o to try it out, it also failed most of the times, so you have to position your finger in a very specific position for it to work, even if you add the max amount of 5 fingerprints.

Most ads on iphones feel HORRIBLE, the amount of lag some can add is incredible, wait till it loaded or youre fucked and besides using some shady adblocker vpn, theres no way to block them, without again - a jailbreak.

Another feature that I used many times on my android phone, is controlling it from the desktop, connect it via usb and then just use it for demonstration purposes on a projector or to instruct how things work - theres no such function without a jailbreak, even if you use osx..

Then theres the feature, that instead of just setting your cursor to a specific location, you have to hold and it zooms in, not sure if I just got too used to the android way of doing it, but I can see myself making less mistakes of where I positioned it with the ios way.

The hardware mute switch feels like a great feature, its just sometimes weird, so if you were inside an app that was playing sound and you mute it, it still plays it until you either close and open that app or just change to another one temporarily, so its not an actual hardware switch as I usually thought, more like a request to mute the phone.

The cable that comes with it is too thin, I am afraid to even unwind it, as it would probably break, so I had to get another one.

Please don't turn this into a shitfest from any of the fanboys, I really just wanted to share my image of finally being able to try it first hand again.

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    You can use QuickTime on a Mac to mirror a connected iPhone's display. Or is that not what you meant for demonstration purposes?

    Edit: Wait you mean being able to interact as well as view? The closest thing I can think of is using AirParrot to mirror the iPhone to another device. Although even then, you might as well do the QuickTime route and interact with the phone physically.
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    @scytheri0n well, yeah, I thought of that workaround, but I liked it more having the device connected in the backarea, where most companies have a dedicated usb area and then just control it from the front facing laptop, just feels better when presenting it, because you wouldnt fiddle on a phone
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    @JoshBent If you have to block ads simply, check this out. A simple DNS tweak blocks all ads.

    (not sponsored by adguard)
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    @CozyPlanes "free" wheres the catch?
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