I was hired to create a MailChimp clone for internal use. Since then, more than half of the marketing team has been fired because their work is not needed anymore.

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    surely a raise for you
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    @hvidt good for the cv, not so good for our departed colleagues. I've effectively put them out of their job.
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    If it weren't you they would have got someone else to build it. So don't feel guilty
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    This is the worst part of our job, if we are good and the system efficient, people are made redundant. The goal of the bank I work for is basically to have everything automated and self serving.
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    don't feel bad. your work is to develop software. the company should move that people to other job or section or something
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    Don't feel bad: the world is a better place with less marketeers :)
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    Just make sure the requirements are still valid or need to be modified. That is a lot of turnover.
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    Capitalism at work!

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    how expensive is aws ses? I can setup mailchimp clone within a day!
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    @eldy complete with an interactive template based edm editor, campaign tracking, A/B testing, litmus integration and is conform with multiple analytics solutions? For 7 different countries?
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    @Lukas most of them were graphic designers who took on email building...
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    @Meki I'd love to see that in action :) Must have been glorious
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    Just think in like 40 years maybe all jobs (other than researchers and stuff like that) are replaced by robots and we the programmers will be the few with jobs. We are close to replacing taxi drivers and possibly truck drivers with self driving cars. Companies would replace humans because robots are a WHOLE lot cheaper.
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    Progress my friend, you think horses hated cars in the when they were invented?
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    @Hey-Scotty I would less sorry for marketers, we lost a few potentially good junior front-end devs. Most of them changed their profession since then.
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