Who the fuck thought a max password length of 10 characters was a good idea

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    Seems okay

    (The joke is that its exactly 10 characters)
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    Maybe they ran out of fingers to count on..

    The other is name and address fields being too short.
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    My bank thought that a 7 character max was a good idea, i don't know why i trust them with my money ....
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    @ItsNotMyFault My bank uses a security question and a 6 number password to login. Letters arent allowed.

    I don't get it.
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    2048 is long enough? 😋
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    At least it is Max 7 or 10 char, we have 8 char password, not 7 not 9, reason, that's the common length of various systems where passwords are synced. Wtf. (+_+)🏳️🏳️🏳️🏳️
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    or when ' gets blocked from being used as a character. I just leave those sites.
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    Work does 6 ints only, changed every 5 weeks... I would bet money my entire building is insecure and easy to guess
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    someone who hasnt seen the ‘correct horse battery staple’ xkcd
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    I'm reminded of a new secure password protect item I brought the other month, only they didn't send me the password to access it !

    Luckily, with a bit of thought, I guessed it first time. :-)

    Reminds me of a friend of mine who drunk one night at a party, forgot his password !

    I guessed it first time, it was his name..
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    Probably the same guys who thought it was important to have the guidance system in the arianne 5 rocket convert from 64 bit floating point to a 16 bit integer... Stack overflow at 37 seconds flight and the rocket turned itself upside down...
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    I always wondered what happened there !
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    @Nanos they re used the software from arianne 4... Terrible luck, as that part of the software was set to shut off at 40 seconds flight time...
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    Passwords shouldn't have an upper limit (apart from server limitations, where 64-255 seems like a reasonable value) since they are supposed to be hashed and salted and end up having a static length anyway.

    That restriction screams of bad security practices. :)
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    I'd looked to sign up for home insurance recently, but when I saw their password policy was 8-10 characters, no special characters and at least 2 digits required I couldn't hit "back" fast enough.

    I was also a bit suspicious when signing up for Deb Rant that there wasn't a "confirm password" option. Usually that sets alarm bells ringing too!
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    Some days ago i had to make a password that should contain:
    1 special character minimum
    1 number minimum
    1 uppercase minimum
    Aaand between 8 and 10 characters in full.. (8 and 10 not included)
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    Why do they need a max length?! Don't tell me the save passwords unhashed and DB table field type for password is varchar(10)?!
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    @Highwind I hope you don't have to bank online by default.
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    The same genius who thought no password was good for Wikipedia back in the day. At least they have a lower bound of 1 (one) character nowadays!
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