That moment you are forced to use Windows to develop PHP Stuff and arent allowed to install Linux because of "Company Regulations" (aka Windows only Admins) ...

I just want my beloved Linux Dev Stack here :(

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    Just slip a virtualbox in there 😉
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    @raven I feel for you bro. Hope you have a personal computer with Linux

    @magis such stupid companies also tend to force the allowed list of software up your computer 😞
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    there's still ssh and vnc or other vpn/tunneling protocols ;) That's how I do would do it. some code editors like ultraedit even have a ssh shell included.
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    Been through the same. I was forced to use remote VMs, had no admin privileges on my computer - even updates were centralized, and most browsers hopelessly outdated. Designers needed to call IT when they required a font.
    But I was then allowed to bring my private MacBook, after I threatened to quit.
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