Dear Developers at Microsoft,
Why the FUCK does windows try to update EVERY TIME I boot my VM even though it fails EVERY FUCKING TIME? Can't it fucking learn that it's fucking broken and doesn't work? No? OK...

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    It'll give up eventually. At least mine did. After half a year of trying the windows update services just self-destructed.
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    What flavor of Linux is that?? (The Host Machine)
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    @nhalstead00 it's Antergos with Budgie desktop and Plank.
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    Nice it looks good
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    @7400 you were lucky. Mine has been going strong since March 2017. Boot -> update -> reboot -> undoing update ->reboot -> (if booting directly) nVidia drivers broken
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    Dang, it's in its defiant phase and destroying other things :/
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    I had to wait for about an hour today for my fucking VM to update to the newest windows update. Like I care. It's a VM for god's sake. Luckily my update succeeded...
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