Monster Hydro sucks. Why did I think it would be a good idea to try this instead of an actual Monster?

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    Monster Ripper FTW
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    Screw all that sugar man... Get yourself some multi B vitamins, anything that's 1000% or more of your RDA is good, take 3.

    Eat a whole box of ProPlus chase it with 2 fingers of fireball whiskey for the ballmer peak

    Get some gum laced with Guarana and chew the whole packet.

    Oh and if you can find something to stop the shakes, let me know.
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    @seraphimsystems that sounds like a lot more effort than cracking a can...
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    @scytheri0n yeah but you get a lot more done with a lot less dangerous sugar... Think of your health bro.
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    My job site sells only Full Throttle :) I want to die every day because they won’t get us a decent freaking energy drink.
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