One of my hard drives S.M.A.R.T. said it could fail anytime and I should backup my data. I cut all the files to a new hard drive.

Later that week the new drive fails with the needle falling into the magnetic disks... Fml. 

Should've saved those files on the cloud...

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    I've had countless drives fail and SMART never said anything bad about them in advance.

    Then, one disk here, SMART said about 5 years ago, its going, but it hasn't gone yet..

    Yes, you can never have too many backups !
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    @Nanos I should've kept the original files on the old drive so I could've saved them...
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    I think you need at a minimum, 3 copies of stuff.

    I have:

    Main drive.
    Backup drive.
    Server backup.
    Offline emergency backup mirrored RAID.
    USB thumbdrive backup.

    So, 6 copies. :-)
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    Oh actually 7, I forget the offsite backups that are 1,000 miles away..
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    @Nanos oh, wow.
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    And I moved almost everything away from the cloud. Now I'm just syncing all the important stuff via a local nextcloud server and backing it up onto 2 different harddrives.
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    @deadlyRants why did you move the files away from the cloud?
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    3 copies. 3 different media. 3 different locations.
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    @nbamaral and I thought 3-2-1 was overkill
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    @mauker Besides privacy stuff I was tired of the memory limitations.
    Why pay for some Dropbox premium account when I can sync everything without limits and with more control?

    Besides, transferring a few GB without online servers inbetween is really fast.
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    > online servers

    A friend of mine was wondering why their internet connection was slow the other month.

    They was trying to backup to the cloud on such a slow connection, it would take them an entire month to do so !

    I suggested a local copy would be better. :-)
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    Buy a NAS.
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