Imac - brand new <16hrs used: Disk error, probably needs to return to apple

iPhone <6 months old: loses cover
iPhone case 2hours of use: loses color

Macbook Pro 2017: randomly shuts down...

Mac mini: CPU halted error

Other iMac (old one): Thread error...

Apple, what the f is going on??? Software problems with root etc. But now, what the f!!

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    Damn son. U got some bad luck :/ my 2013 macbook pro runs like a champ.
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    My other macbook too... but many others apple devices above not...
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    My iMac: no auto CPU fan control, have to manually turn it up when it runs too hot, only came with 4gb RAM (upgraded to 16 now tho), 2 of which FAILED, refuses external monitors and non usb connections, constantly telling me that it needs more ram even though it’s only using like 12%.

    The Apple hardware’s attitude isn’t a bug it’s a feature.
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    Randomly shuts down vor do u only get logged out?
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    @Christian1998 shuts down
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    @LordKerwin @FrodoSwaggins I have many apple devices too that still work but these ones not... It’s crazy ...
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    I bought a used mac mini 2012 recently and sadly / fortunately it works smoother than the "touchbar pro" we have at the office.
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    Apple is just Apple
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    #define fps "fucking piece of shit"

    fps Apple is dead my friend.. All they do now is make fps phones on which fps emoticons make fps faces.. Ditch fps Apple.. Their fps innovation index is sub-zero.. Invented fps phone bending.. fps protruding camera.. fps notch.. just fps overall..

    P.S. I 'used to' be an Apple 'fan'
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