Let's see: Right now I am in two recruitment process of two enterprise.

One enterprise (Genexus, a big enterprise) I would join the I+D team, good salary, EXCELLENT work place, and 2hs of travel from home.

The other enterprise (InnovaAge, a little but powerful enterprise in grow) I would join as trainee / junior developer who helps in the development team and I would constantly learn to become like my teammates, same salary than Genexus, good work place, and 1.5he of travel from home.

Same working hours amount and same salary but InnovaAge have the GREAT advantage of be near from my University, Genexus is TOO far from there.

So, I ask you: if both enterprises would want to recruit me ... What offer should I accept?

I ask to you because you have more knowledge and exp. You are lvl 20-40 xD

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    The second one, small place is good to start career. It will help to learn and preserve your desire to learn else in big companies your desire will die soon.
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