Can you do a security / privacy check for ProtonVPN? All I know is that it is Switzerland based and pretty much secure.

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    1) Mentions don't work in rants
    2) Why? How would he do it? He'd just Google it and that's that. You can do that yourself.
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    @ArchLinux Which he will do 🤣.

    I just think your giving yourself too little and him too much credit. He's not a deity like many of you make him out to be 😄
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    @Froot @ArchLinux I can check as much as searching online indeed and of course try it myself. But asking someone to check something out is a quite normal thing I'd say?

    I'm not a supernatural person as Froot said but I probably know more about online privacy/security than the general human being. I'm basing that statement on the fact that I've put countless hours in research concerning online privacy and security since I was in my teenage years :)
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    @linuxxx Obviously.

    It's just not that hard to read up on a VPN on your own. 😄
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    @Froot Well, true but someone who isn't into it much might not understand things about vpn protocol differences, crypto algo's and so on.

    For example, PP2P (I always forget the exact shortcut..) is way more insecure than OpenVPN, the way a vpn provider handles customer data can be good or bad, the use of specific algorithms can be good/bad (all of this from a security/privacy perspective) and so on, that might be less obvious for people who aren't into this stuff but they make a huge difference as for, privacy/security wise, how good a vpn service can be considered to be.

    Today actually, i somehow came onto the vpn subject with a guy who actually read the stuff his vpn provider logs/stores but doesn't entirely understand it. He asked me to take a look and explain how some stuff can be considered good or bad with his provider (security/privacy). I explained him that his provider stores way too much information and explained why and he said that, although he read everything and formed an opinion on it, wasn't aware that those things could be bad for his privacy/security.
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    @linuxxx Aight vpn-man
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    @Froot @linuxxx doesnt use google, no one does that cares about privacy
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    @calmyourtities Well, it depends who you want to hide your trace from. I use VPN from time to time but I still use Google. I don't care about Google, it's my ISP or some service I'm using I want to hide my trace from.
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