Why do developers act like it's such a travesty when a non-techie says something wrong or ignorant about tech? It's not like we study computers and programming for a career and therefore know a lot more or anything...
Plus, it's not the non-techie's fault that the schools don't teach computer schools that well.

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    Because some people are not only ignorant, they're stubborn. If you went to a doctor and he prescribed antibiotics and you then rationalized you need homeopathy and rest, after all it's as easy as putting some drops in your tongue, that would make you a dumb stubborn client/patient.
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    If someone isn't a dev and says something wrong no problem... if he prefaces that with how he knows computers and believes all modern humans know how computers work. Well then that's diminishing to the people who know how it works and spent years learning it.
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    @DLMousey oh no I've been discovered *deletes account*
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    Memory is RAM!
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