Note: our PM is new.
PM: can you help me?
Me: sure, what do you need?
PM: where do the folders with all the techie stuff come from?

I had no context and spent the next 20 minutes trying to work out what folders she was on about. Turned out she wanted to know where the client side folders on our development server come from, was going to explain 'Gulp' and 'Branch' to her but I think I'd be there for the rest of the day... Why do 'tech' companies hire non-tech-savie people.

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    Yeah tell me about it... Companies believe a pm is a pm regardless where they're put. DEV TEAMS NEED A TECHY PM. why is that so hard to understand? *rages and starts pulling hair*
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    You should have told her: Office Depot or Microsoft Office, wherever we get better deal...

    Is her name Jen, just curious
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    @BuggyBrain the elders would never agree, we must put it back on top of big Ben as soon as possible.
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