Made my research about mechanical keyboard and was worried that my first one was going to be too loud at work.

I can hear the majority of hammering cave trolls smashing their membrane keyboards louder than I can hear my MX Brown.

This shit is like heaven for fingers.


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    If you work in a small office, n your boss like to go around without headphones on. Don't even think about blue.
    Red is totally silence, but also make typo easily.
    Can't find any brown switch without number keypad.
    Any suggestions?
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    @sunfishcc I have one with those keys, didn't find any without too, only reds :/
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    I find I can type slightly faster without num pad, due to the shorter distance have to travel between mouse and keyboard.🤔
    And if you are the first one bring a rgb keyboard to work, your colleagues might make joke with it for weeks 🤦‍♂️
    My blue is made by cooler master, but they stop making these.
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    @sunfishcc take a look at the code keyboard. It's available with any mx switches

    I recently bought the 87-key version with mx clears and I love it!
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    @Sarcaxxo I bought o ring and key caps from this brand. Definitely solid build, but so expensive 😂
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    @sunfishcc thanks.

    I dislike these RGB rainbow keyboards, mine is the HyperX FPS Alloy, it only has red LEDs but I keep then off all the times.
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    @azous oh geez. I got same one with blue key. 😎
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    @sunfishcc It's gorgeous, isn't it? 😍😍
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    @azousmy the cap lock key on my one couldn't go up. Without lighting, the print on the keys are hard to see. (I know it's transparent caps printed black color)
    Otherwise pretty good.🙄
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