So salty. Just got off from a long day at work with my coworkers after a significant sprint, so we all go to karaoke to celebrate and let loose. But naturally I have to be under 21, and the karaoke place cards, so I end up taking an Uber home by myself, which felt really fucking embarrassing. I wish there were venues in the city that didn't require you to be above the magical number of 21 years of age to have a good time.

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    @AlexDeLarge a lot of those things do go wrong when people start drinking.
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    Being non-american I'm always surprised how easy buying guns is compared to having a drink. It can't get more fucked up than that (I hope). Not to mention American social media like FB flipping out on a nipple but tolerating all sorts of violence. Save the nipple! 8)
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    @AlexDeLarge I think that in your anger you misunderstood me. I'm not in favour of having a basement full of guns, I'm just saying that people do stupid shit when they're drunk and that a higher minimum age is the least bad thing out of everything you said.
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    @balte That makes sense. But people doing stupid things out of boredom makes sense as well. Also, kids in bars are kids not in the streets. Far less chance they'll do sth stupid in a bar.

    I agree alcohol can do a lot of damage, but I assure you there's no age for that. Then again, maybe a society that lets people do drugs at young age isn't giving the right signal. I'm from Belgium. I can tell 😁
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    @balte I think it's best to let people learn to be responsible with themselves before allowing them to be irresponsible with others.

    I.e. first let them develop healthy drinking behavior, then let them loose with a car on the streets.
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