Imagine your company would spend 100$ more per employee to rent a bigger, nicer office. Imagine how much additional space you'd have there. Maybe individual offices for everybody, or at least not more than two or three employees per office? Telephone booths for long calls, or a library to work in absolute silence, to do research, or to study something new there.

How would that affect your productivity and overall happiness? How much better you'd feel there? How much more relaxed would you be? How much less sick days would you have, and how much money would your company save resp. make more due to higher productivity?

Or would you rather have a salary raise of 100$?

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    @irene How about additional rooms for collaborative work?
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    @irene You don't like the personal room, but also don't like too crowded offices, right? So offices of 2-3 people would be your choice?
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    Glad to see that there are people actuslly being happy with their office šŸ˜Š
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